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Professional Tree Care in the St. Louis Area

Professional Tree Care

Tree pruning is as much as an art as it is the a science of selective limb removal. Our knowledge of tree health and the needs of specimen collections set Trees, Forests and Landscapes apart from the rest in regards to care.

Our team of Certified Arborists is the best in the St. Louis region as a result of the attention paid to your concerns and a dedication to follow the highest standards in Arboriculture.

Not only do we use top of the line equipment, we make it a point to reduce the impact on your yard. Our machines are equipped with low-impact treads that do not create the unsightly ruts a machine with large tires creates.

Our prized aerial lift not only allows us to reach heights of over 70 feet but allows the worker to care to the tree in a secured bucket away from a hazard limb or building structure. Click here to view a gallery of images of our Teupen aerial lift in action.

With top priorities of safety and preservation, we will gladly advise you on the proper selective pruning to reach your objectives.
The equipment we use to improve and add to your urban forest include several specialized pieces of equipment to reduce the impact on your lawn or job site. Check out a gallery of our equipment in action.Teupen Work - Professional Tree Care Services in St. Louis

Here is a list of some of the services we offer to your urban forest:

-Selective target pruning
-Deadwood pruning/crown cleaning
-Vista pruning
-Hazard tree removal
-Stump removal
-Lightning protection
-Historic tree propping/bracing
-Root crown inspection/air spade

Lightning protection on a bur oak. Right: Arborist Jamie Emmett in a tree.
Lightning Protection