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Plant Health Care Services in the St. Louis Area

Plant Health Care Services

Plant Health Care is a hollistic approach to managing the heath of trees proactively. It is a combination based in the knowledge of proper nutrition, proper watering and multitudes of insect and disease control tactics.

The possible problems your trees may face are countless and ever changing. A few solutions practiced by Trees, Forests and Landscapes to help keep your trees healthy and lasting for future generations to come:
-Nutrition/fertilization with prescribe products
-Insect and disease diagnosis/management
-Specialty root flare injections or soil injections
-Addition of beneficial mycorrhizae fungus
-Dutch Elm disease prevention program
-Cambistat growth regulator treatments
-Aeration of root zone
-Proper mulching of root zone
-Root crown inspection/air spade to analyze for soil amendments
-Emerald Ash Borer Protection treatment strategies
-Fungicidal application for protection against phytophera
Cambistat TreatmentPlant Health Care Services in St. Louis Area